Ancestry Tours

Genealogy research can be done online from anywhere in the world, however, if you’re planning a trip to Italy on an Ancestry Tour, Joe De Simone is the person who can coordinate this for you. Whether you are simply coming to help build your family tree or want to complement the trip with an Italian vacation and need ideas about your itinerary in Italy, Joe can help organize and plan a rich and wonderful itinerary for individuals, families or groups.

Genealogy Research

In addition to fantastic sites and events of old world Italy, you will have the opportunity to visit your ancestors’ homes, schools they attended, churches where they were married and halls where they met to decide the future of their children and grand-children. You can even meet your relatives with the assistance of an English speaking guide and driver.

Travel Consult

Joe De Simone can suggest the best format and destinations to organize your travel so that your trip is personalized and fruitful. You can return home knowing that you have found the source of your family history and have the treasured documents, pictures, and memories to prove it.

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