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I have been involved in genealogy research for 15+ years. I enjoy helping people discover the paths their ancestors took. I research civil, church, military, notary, catasto onciario records in Southern Italy. My research involves a combination of physical research at archives and repositories. I have been successful locating relatives abroad. And, if interested, I can also help ascertain eligibility for dual citizenship and prepare documents for submission.

What my Clients say:

JR Yamartino
Portland, Maine

"Joe de Simone has performed several genealogy searches for me in Napoli, elsewhere in Campania, and also in a small village near Campobasso, Molise. On each project, he has delivered everything that I had asked for and more. He not only found the relatives and records that I'd asked for, but found a few more as well, and also provided high resolution photos of all the documents that he had extracted information from. Joe has always delivered on time and on budget. I am very happy with his past genealogical search work for me, will definitely use his skills again in the future, and can recommend him without reservation."

Paul DeAngelo
Asbury, New Jersey

"I recently hired Joe to research my ancestors in Campagnia. My wife and I were travelling to the Naples area and I knew my great grandfather had come to the US from that area, so I was hoping to find out where he came from so I could visit. I sent Joe the little information I had and he was very patient with all the questions I had. Not only did Joe find the birth records and addresses of my ancestors, but he found living relatives!

Since I don't speak Italian, Joe even offered to call the relatives for me! My wife and I met with our new found relatives, had lunch at their house before they took us to the villages where..."

Virgina Roviello
Scottsdale, Arizona

"Being a second generation Italian American, I wanted to know more about my father’s ancestors, so I had been on a quest to find my paternal ancestors in Avellino in the Campania region of Italy through the use of ancestry.com and familysearch.org. Living in Arizona, I even had access to the Family Search library’s microfilm records in Mesa, AZ. All that and I still came up empty.

I had been recommended to Joe DeSimone by a researcher in another part of Italy. She said "He is a Great Researcher." Talk about under selling and over performing!!!"

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